We are constantly expanding dropBot, our Discord bot that controls the flow of drops for modders and users alike.

"dropBot" announces drops and makes joining as easy as typing !join.  "dropBot" has a registry system that holds your Social Club name and makes getting into lobbies and getting money much faster!

We are working on a side project that involves writing a private menu for this discord only

We have gained a lot of members over the last few months and some of them are actually coders that can write their own mods for us to use here to drop for all of you! Unfortunately, to test different methods we need Social Club accounts for Dropping and Mod tests. Menus get banned when a lot of people use them because the "Injection Method" gets caught. This means that the way you get the hacks into the game is used too much so the Rockstar developers can see the traffic and shut those channels down. So if we have our own developers working on private channels that are hardly used we will go unnoticed for much longer!

We are working on an experimental private server that allows you to play with mods yourself!

We have found a mod that we have begun working on that allows us to host our own GTA:Online servers out of Social Club’s reach! This means you will be able to join the GTAGivers server with your own mods and do whatever you want with no fear of getting banned on Social Club Servers! Plus much more!

None of this is possible without your support!

Donating does not mean you will get more drops or anything from the givers!

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